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Apple released OS X Lion on Wednesday, July 20th as an App Store download. Although the OS X Lion installation is a¬†seamless upgrade process, Apple did leave out the option for users to perform a clean installation of OS X Lion as part of the App Store release of the operating system. Fortunately however, it is fairly easy to create a bootable OS X Lion installation DVD so that you can perform a clean installation of Apple’s newest operating system should you decide to do so.

Create A Bootable OS X Lion Installation DVD.

1. Log onto the Apple App Store and purchase OS X Lion.

2. Click on the install button and OS X Lion will begin to download. It took about an hour for the OS X Lion download to complete on my home Internet connection. Once downloaded, an application called Install Mac OS X Lion.app will have been copied¬†into your Applications folder. We don’t want to begin the actual OS X Lion installation process so be sure not to launch the installer.

3. Right click on the OS X Lion installer icon and left click Show Package Contents. Look for the SharedResources folder and then double click on the file called InstallESD.dmg.

4. Now go to Applications => Utilities and launch Disk Utility

5. Insert a blank DVD into your Mac’s Super Drive.

6. From within Disk Utility you’ll want to click on InstallESD.dmg and then click on the Burn icon.

You now have a bootable OS X Lion installation DVD that you can use to perform a clean installation of OS X Lion on your Mac.

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  1. Mike Steben Post author

    To boot from your Mac’s optical drive, insert the DVD, restart your Mac and press and hold the C key. The OS X Lion installer will walk you through the rest of the installation.

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