Fix For Office 2013 Click-to-Run “Something Went Wrong” Error Message

Plenty of users have experienced issues when they attempt to install a Product Key Card version of Microsoft Office 2013. This type of installation utilizes a technology called Click-to-Run which in short, uses streaming technology to install Office 2013 over the Internet. Generally speaking, Click-to-Run installations of Office 2013 will work just fine. When they don’t work however, there is unfortunately very little information generated by the installer that can be used for troubleshooting.

In general, users who are experiencing difficulties with installing Office 2013 using Click-to-Run have observed one or more of the following conditions;

The Microsoft Office 2013 Click-to-Run installation quits unexpectedly without generating an error message.


You see an error message stating that; “Something went wrong” followed by “Sorry, we ran into a problem.” when you attempt to install Microsoft Office 2013.


Your temp directory is loaded with log files named “integratedoffice.exe_c2rdll…” that contain the following information; ConnectToServer: Failed: GetLastError=0

After trying all of the suggestions posted on Microsoft’s website and in various user forums, I decided to try the following in order to get Microsoft Office 2013 to install successfully and it worked!

Fix Office 2013 Click-to-Run “Something Went Wrong” Error Message

1. First, you must download and run a Microsoft Fix it utility that will uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365. This is necessary even if your Click-to-Run installation of Microsoft Office 2013 failed. Click here to do this.

2. Navigate to and sign in.

3. Click on “Install from a disc” under Account Options

4. Select “I want to burn a disc, then click on the Download button.

5. Once the download completes, double click the .img file and the Windows Disc Image Burner will open. Insert a blank DVD into the drive, and click the Burn button.

6. To install Office 2013, simply double click on the icon for your DVD drive and run setup.exe. Follow the onscreen prompts to successfully install Office 2013.

I have confirmed that this workaround will work on computers running Windows 7. Although this method defeats the purpose of installing Office 2013 using Microsoft’s Click-to-Run technology, it was all that I could come up with given the lack of support from Microsoft regarding this issue. But let’s face it, most people will just want their copy of Office 2013 to work regardless of how it gets installed.

If your computer doesn’t have a DVD drive, you can simply follow the above steps from a computer that does and then copy the contents of the DVD that you created  to a USB thumb drive. Alternatively, you can download a CD/DVD virtual drive emulator such as DAEMON Tools Lite and simply mount the .img file.

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20 thoughts on “Fix For Office 2013 Click-to-Run “Something Went Wrong” Error Message

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  3. Brad

    I have found the Microsoft Office Click to Run service to be the cause of this issue. It gets hung at “Starting”. When i opened Task Manager, I found the OfficeClickToStart process running twice. I ended both the processes and then started the service from the Services MMC and haven’t had the issues since

  4. David

    Mike thanks a lot for the help. I too got the really useful “Something Went Wrong” message when trying to install Office 2013. I followed every single suggestion on Microsoft’s site and none of them made any difference. I tried calling them but gave up after holding for nearly an hour!!!! So thanks again and am sure this site will help others too. Cheers.

  5. Adrien

    Just another thanks for being 1000% more successful than anything Microsoft put out. Took forever to download, but everything is humming along. Thank you thank you thank you.

  6. Derek

    Im on windows 7 – i cannot seem to find the account options button you mention – any advice?

  7. Rob Williams

    Thanks Mike, worked like a charm. Though it resolved my problem, I had not noticed the “I want to burn a disk” option before. That alone can be very handy in many cases.

  8. Misty

    When I select I want to burn a disk, I get the following error message: The file “HomeBusinessRetail.img” has been blocked. The file is larger than the configured file size limit. I get this on all the computers around me. I am trying to install office 2013.

  9. Clark

    A big Thank You! I’ve done a few MS Office 2013 installs and this has happened every time. I’ve spent hours combing through support forums and have seen that there are lot of folks with this same issue. I would add that just prior to running the ISO downloaded setup version, you do one last “Fixit” utlilty from Microsoft’s site that is supposed to clean off any Office 2013 remnants.

  10. George G.

    Thank you so much! I was getting the “something went wrong” error message everytime I tried installing Visio 2013. Downloading and burning the installation media to DVD per your recommendation allowed me to install Visio 2013 without any problems whatsoever. Hopefully Microsoft will fix this, I’m planning on getting a Surface Pro within the next few months and don’t want to have to purchase an additional external DVD drive just to install Microsoft Office.

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