How To Play Playstation Games On A PC

The Sony Playstation was launched in North America on September 9th, 1995 and was the first video game console to sell over 100 million units. There were nearly 8,000 titles available for the Sony Playstation, some of which could still be sitting in your closet today. Although you may have discarded your original Sony Playstation years ago, it is still possible to play Playstation games on a PC using a Sony Playstation Emulator.

How To Play Playstation Games On A PC

1. In order to play Sony Playstation games on your PC you will first need to download and install a Sony Playstation emulator called ePSXe.

2. Now you will need to download the Sony Playstation BIOS files and copy them to your epsxe170\bios folder. We can’t post or link to the required Sony Playstation Bios files, but they can easily be found by doing a Google search for “Sony Playstation BIOS.”

3. ePSXe also requires a file called zlib1.dll in order to run properly. Without this DLL file you will get an error message stating something to the extent that “zlib1.dll was not found” when you attempt to run ePSXe. You can download zlib1.dll here.

4. Lastly, you must download ePSXe plugins for the GPU emulation to work properly. You can download Pete’s PSX GPU plugins for Windows here. Once downloaded, unzip and copy the files to the epsxe170\plugins folder.

5. Now you can configure the ePSXe GPU plugin. Launch ePSXe and click on Config = > Video. Select Pete’s OpenGL Driver 1.77 from the drop down menu. Click Configure and then click on OK.

6. As far as the controller is concerned, I found that my Logitech Dual Action gamepad didn’t require any special configuration to be done whatsoever. The Logitech Dual Action gamepad is very similar in layout to a Sony Playstation controller and is therefore one of the best PC gamepads available for Sony Playstation emulation. You can order a Logitech Dual Action gamepad on Amazon for around $20.

7. Now that ePSXe is configured, you can insert an original Sony Playstation CD into your computer’s CD ROM drive and click on File => Run CDROM to begin playing Sony Playstation games on your computer. Pictured below is Castlevania Symphony Of The Night running under ePSXe.

8. Alternatively you can also download Playstation games in ISO format from popular BitTorrent sites. ePSXe would lock up on my computer when I attempted to open Playstation games in ISO format. To get around this problem, I downloaded and installed Daemon Tools Lite, mounted the ISO with Daemon Tools Lite, and configured the ePSXe Cdrom plugin to use the virtual device drive letter that Daemon Tools Lite had installed. I was then able to click on File => Run CDROM from within ePSXe and found that I was able to run Sony Playstation games in ISO format perfectly.

When it comes to playing Sony Playstation games on your PC you will find that your mileage will vary based upon the type of computer system that you have. You may have to tweak your ePSXe graphics plugin by clicking on Config => Video => Configure in order to get the best performance.

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