Dell Latitude D600 Audio Driver For Windows 7

Although the Dell Latitude D600 came out quite a few years before Windows 7 was released it is still more than capable of running Microsoft’s newest operating system providing that you can find the proper audio driver. Follow the steps below to install an audio driver on your Latitude D600 that is compatible with Windows 7.

Installing The Realtek AC’97 Audio Codec On Windows 7

Before we begin you’ll first need to download the Windows Vista AC’97 driver from Realtek’s website and save it to your desktop. You’ll find the link to the driver download here. Click on “Software,” agree to the terms and conditions, and then save the Vista/Win7 driver to your desktop. Note, Realtek’s website can be kind of annoying so if the link doesn’t work simply do a search on Google for “Realtek AC’97 Windows 7 Driver.”

1. Right click on Computer and left click properties.

2. Left click on Device Manger which is located on the left hand side of the “View basic information about your computer” screen.

3. Right click on Multimedia Audio Controller and left click on Update Driver Software.

4. Click “Browse my computer for driver software” and browse to ..\Dekstop\6305_Vista_PG537\Vista directory and click next.

5. Click on “Install this driver software anyway…” when prompted. The driver software will now install automatically.

6. Click close when windows informs you that the Realtek AC’97 audio driver was installed successfully.

7. If you are experiencing an issue where you are prompted to run SOUNDMAN.EXE after every reboot you can simply open the registry editor and delete the SOUNDMAN.EXE entry under HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Current Version\Run.

Your Dell Latitude D600 will now be capable of playing back audio on Windows 7.

Dell Latitude D600 Memory Upgrade

As an aside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that your Dell Latitude D600 can support up to 2 GB of RAM. I would highly recommend this upgrade as you’ll find that Windows 7 will perform much better on your Latitude D600 after a memory upgrade. You can purchase RAM for your Latitude D600 directly from Amazon.

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