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How To Bypass Newspaper Paywalls

If you’ve been noticing annoying ads appearing on your local newspaper’s website prompting you to “Sign Up For Digital Access” then you are not alone. Popups generated by Press +, such as the one pictured here appear to be the most common. And while I can’t fault a newspaper for trying to generate as much revenue as possible during trying times for print media, I take issue with the fact that clicking on the ‘X’ to close the popup typically does not work and will not allow the user to view the article that they were attempting to read. These popups are called paywalls and are being used more and more by newspapers. Again, Press + paywalls appear to be the most ubiquitous, fortunately however there is a simple fix that you can use to block Press + paywalls from appearing on your local newspaper’s website. Continue reading

Google Gets A Pac Attack!

In a nod to the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man Google has implemented its first ever interactive Google Doodle. And in case you couldn’t tell from the above picture, you actually get to play Pac-Man directly on Google’s homepage!

Pac-Man is an iconic arcade game from the 1980’s that first debuted in Japan and later came to the United States. The goal of Pac-Man is simple; The player must navigate Pac-Man through a maze and eat every Pac Dot on the screen. Four ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde will do their best to stop Pac-Man before he can eat all of the Pac Dots. Fortunately for both the player and for Pac-Man there are four power pellets that make Pac-Man temporarily invincible so that the ghosts cannot harm him. In fact, Pac-Man can eat any one of the four ghosts while he is invincible to score extra bonus points.

I spent numerous hours (and quarters) as a kid playing Pac-Man. With over 30 spinoffs, Pac-Man has taken a permanent place in the ranks of video game history due to its simple and enjoyable gameplay. Bravo Google for further helping to immortalize this classic video game! Now get off of my blog and go and play some Pac-Man!

LimeWire Found Guilty Of Copyright Infringement

LimeWire was found guilty of copyright infringement on Tuesday, May 11th. The guilty verdict in the 4-year old case as issued by U.S. District Court Judge Kimba M. Wood may ultimately prove to be the financial downfall of the New York based company. The trial began in 2006 when the Recording Industry Of America (RIAA) filed copyright infringement charges against the Lime Group. The RIAA was seeking $150,000 per copyright violation although damages have not yet been decided upon.

Many industry experts feel that shutting down LimeWire will yield little or no results in the war against piracy because there are plenty of alternatives available to determined content pirates such as FrostWire and BITTorrent. LimeWire claims that it has over 50 million unique monthly users and that there are millions of people downloading on its P2P network at any given time. LimeWire, unlike its other industry rivals did little or nothing to protect copyrighted content hence the ruling against them. There will be a June 1st court hearing in order to determine how to proceed.

Display The Menu Bar In Windows 7 Explorer

The Windows 7 Explorer layout and design offers many welcome changes over Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you’re like me however, and you still prefer the Windows XP Explorer menu bar then you’ll be pleased to know that you can easily enable the Explorer menu bar in Windows 7.

To enable the Windows 7 Explorer menu bar simply click on the Computer icon.

Now you’ll want to click on Organize => Layout and then click on Menu bar.

The familiar menu bar from Windows XP is now available in Windows 7.