Acekard 2i Setup

The Acekard 2i is probably the best flash cart available for the Nintendo DS, DSL, DSi, DSXL and the 3DS. The problem however is that the Acekard 2i doesn’t come with an instruction manual! Many users have eagerly unpackaged their brand new Acekard 2i, inserted it into their Nintendo DS only to get a message stating that the Acekard 2i “System File Is Missing.” This guide will show you step-by-step how to setup and install your Acekard 2i flash cart.

Before you begin you will obviously need to order your Acekard 2i as they don’t sell these in any old Gamestop or Best Buy. I order my Acekard 2i with an 8 GB MicroSD card from ConsoleSource. It took about a month for my Acekard 2i to arrive but it worked perfectly out of the box. You will also need a memory card reader cable of reading SDHC / Micro SDHC memory cards. For this, I chose the IOGEAR 56-in-1 USB 2.0 Pocket Flash Memory Card Reader/Writer which I purchased from Amazon.

Acekard 2i Setup & Installation

1. Run the SDFormatter Utility – Acekard recommends that you format your MicroSD memory card using a utility called SDFormatter before using it with your Acekard 2i. You can download SDFormatter from the Acekard download page. Once installed, simply launch the application, verify that the drive letter of your MicroSD card is correct, and click the Format button.

2. Download The Acekard 2i Firmware – As of this writing AKAIO 1.8.7 is the most current version of the Acekard 2i firmware. You can download the Acekard 2i firmware here. Once downloaded, unarchive the Acekard 2i firmware and simply copy the akmenu4.nds file and the _aio folder to your MicroSD card.

3. Copy Nintendo DS Roms To Your MicroSD Card – You can find Nintendo DS ROMs to download by simply doing a search on Google for “Nintendo DS ROMs.” Once you’ve obtained some Nintendo DS ROM’s you must unarchive them so that the files are in .NDS format and then copy them to your MicroSD card.

4. Insert Your Micro SD Card Into Your Acekard 2i And Play – The Acekard 2i menu is fairly intuitive. Simply select the MicroSD Card from the menu and press the A button on your Nintendo DS. Now select the Nintendo DS game that you wish to play and press the A button to begin your game.

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  1. Mike Steben Post author

    Popular archive formats include .zip, .rar, and .7z. Windows can handle .zip files natively, but you’ll need an unarchiving program such as WinRAR and 7-Zip to handle .rar files and .7z files respectively.

  2. Phillip

    Hello, you stated you must unarchive them so that the files are in .NDS format and then copy them to your MicroSD card. How do you do this do you just make sure that you add the .NDS extention at the end? sorry I am a little confused. I used to use my acekard 2i over a year ago and it worked good and now it is acting wierd with the AKAIO so I will try step by step what you wrote. Thanks, Phillip

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