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Here you will find free online computer help, tips, tutorials, and technology product reviews. The goal of CompuNoodle.com is to give novice computer users honest and accurate information so that they can begin to enjoy using their Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh computer system. At CompuNoodle.com you’ll learn how to do everything from navigating around your operating system, getting online, editing your digital photos and videos, performing simple maintenance and upgrades, and more! As you get to know me a little bit better, you’ll come to realize that I take online safety and computer security very seriously. As such, I have written a spyware removal guide that I would highly recommend that everyone takes the opportunity to read.

And now, a little information about me…

My name is Mike and I have been in the computer industry for over 17 years. Over the course of my career I have worked for two top notch companies; Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), a Fortune 500 IT solutions provider, and Canyon Ranch, the #1 destination spa and healthy-living company in the world. During my employment with these two companies I enjoyed a wealth of opportunities that I was given which include the positions that I have held such as desktop support engineer, network support engineer, server administrator, and data security analyst just to name a few. I am currently a self employed computer expert and technology consultant who supports over 600 clients in The Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

Throughout my travels as an independent consultant, it became obvious to me that home users and small businesses (think mom & pop shops) are being completely under served by the computer support community. These two market segments aren’t exactly known for having massive IT budgets (if they even have an IT budget at all) and are therefore incredibly vulnerable to the marketing ploys and unscrupulous practices of big box electronics retailers and fly by night computer support companies. Knowing this, and also becoming painfully aware in late 2009 that there just wasn’t enough of me to go around, I decided to take a shot at blogging. I love the computer industry, and I also love helping people with their computer problems and technology needs. It is therefore my hope that CompuNoodle.com will find its way onto the computer screens of people that are in need of honest, accurate, and reliable information about computers and technology.

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